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Our Story

Astro Chemical is a leader in developing specialty adhesives, coatings, encapsulants, and saturants.

With more than 60 years of knowledge, experience, and innovation we are continuously improving our product offerings to strengthen our value to our customers, and our ability to fulfill to the global demand for specialized engineered products.

Our Mission

Astro Chemical is committed to providing superior quality and exceptional customer support in all aspects of our business. We believe this originates from everything that we do, and we are committed to the timely delivery of materials best suited to our customer’s needs in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. We deliver on these goals through continuous optimization of our processes, maintaining the lowest possible overhead, and a quality mindset determined to achieve ever-higher quality standards.

Everyone at Astro is a vital contributor to this mission.

Astro was founded in 1959 to serve the emerging demand for chemistries tailored to specific customer-driven applications that off-the-shelf products could not fulfill. Our first products were developed as OEM-specified materials for high voltage applications in industrial motors and utility scale steam turbine and hydro turbine generators. Over time Astro products found their way into applications in the energy storage, electronics, electrical components markets, carbon fiber and fiberglass composites markets, and have been widely adopted for use in general industrial manufacturing and repair applications.

Today, Astro Chemical is a leader in the development and manufacture of highly formulated, specialized epoxy and related chemistries for use as coatings, adhesives, saturants, and encapsulation compounds; used across a wide variety of industrial manufacturing and service markets. Our product offerings range from high temperature adhesives where structural and mechanical properties are critical, to high voltage materials requiring specific electrically insulating or conductive properties, high thermal rating, as well as mechanical and adhesive performance at high temperature.

We address our customer needs via a database of over 1,000 formulations, or via a new product development process. Our Product Development Lab has extensive capabilities in new product formulation and in-house material qualification testing to develop products that meet or exceed our customer’s unique application and performance specification needs. Our flexible manufacturing facility ensures we are able to produce and stock our products for worldwide expedited shipment to fulfill our customers’ material demands.

Astro continues to grow by continually investing in our production, development, and analytical capabilities. We are building a portfolio of complementary product lines and are committed to improving the performance of our products with an eye to anticipating industry trends and meeting the regulatory demands and environmental challenges of today’s rapidly evolving manufacturing economy.

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