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High performance materials for the most advanced aerospace system specifications

Where there is a need for exceptionally performing coatings and adhesives against uncompromising design and application specifications, Astro Chemical can assist. We provide a range of solutions formulated to meet the challenging thermal, electrical, and mechanical requirements for demanding aerospace applications. 

Astro Chemical’s product line includes a broad offering of high-strength, high-thermal resistance adhesives for structural purposes; tough, resilient potting compounds of variable viscosities for aircraft electronics; and a range of protective coatings with electrically insulating or conductive properties. 

Our materials can be tested in-house against your stringent technical requirements to ensure they meet the high level of quality and technical performance required in the aerospace industry. 

Key attributes of our products used by aerospace  

  • High-temperature, dielectrically insulating resin systems 
  • Potting and encapsulation products formulated for thermal cycling 
  • Adhesives with high mechanical strength and thermal endurance 
  • Products with thermally conductive properties 
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