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Mission critical products for demanding military applications.

Astro Chemical has a long, successful track record of providing advanced solutions for a wide array of applications in the defense supply chain. Our adhesives, coatings and encapsulants have been specified for use in challenging environments requiring specific thermal, chemical, mechanical, and environmental properties. 

Our products for military applications include high-strength, high-temperature adhesives with specific cure properties, encapsulants formulated to withstand rugged environments, and coating systems that protect against corrosive, mechanical and electrical forces. 

Astro’s laboratory has the capability to develop and test products against MIL specifications and internationally recognized standards to meet the demanding requisites of the defense industry. 

Key attributes for our military solutions 

  • High-strength, elevated-temperature adhesives 
  • Variable viscosity potting for assemblies, systems and electronics 
  • Corrosion, electrical, and mechanically protective coatings 
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