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Class F Epoxy Saturant

Astro 6415

Extending our Class F Offering in Generator, Motor, and Composites
  • Long Working ‘Pot’ Life
  • Very Low Viscosity for Efficient Saturation
  • Class F Thermal Index
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Long Shelf Life
  • Saturating cording & stranding for mechanical ties and supports. 
  • Adhering layers of woven glass, fabrics, and mica paper insulation. 
  • Insulating and consolidating electrical laminates and assemblies. 
Excellent High Temperature Saturant

6415 is a modified epoxy saturating system suitable for continuous use in Class F (155C) environments. Cures to a tough solid providing excellent mechanical strength to the substrate.

Excellent compatibility with stranded and woven structures such as glass filament, Dacron polyester felts, and carbon fiber products. It is also an excellent binder when used to saturate mica paper, or cured resin-rich mica products.

Long Usable Shelf Life

Formulated for a long pot life and stable room temperature storage up to two years.

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