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What is your return policy?

All returns must be received within 60 days of the original shipment. Due to shelf-life limitations and storage requirements, our Quality System is not able to accommodate product returns for credit for product that has been out of our inventory controls for more than 60 days.

Return requests can be placed with our customer service team at [email protected] and must include:

  1. Customer name and contact information
  2. Reason for return
  3. Customer Purchase Order and/or Astro Work Order associated with the product
  4. Astro product code, quantity, and manufacture date
  5. Condition of each item and verification of product storage conditions since initial receipt from Astro
  6. Verification that all items to be returned are in their original, unopened containers

Each request will be evaluated based on the information provided and if approved, an RMA form with return instructions will be provided.

Any product returned without prior approval will be refused.

All returned products must be shipped prepaid by the returner in the original, unopened Astro product containers. Opened containers are non-returnable, not suitable for shipping, and must be disposed of at the Customer site. Shipping previously opened containers risks violating chemical shipping regulations and may result in significant fines to the returner. Astro will refuse any shipments suspected to be opened, leaking, damaged, or are otherwise flagged as non-compliant with the associated shipping regulation.

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