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High Voltage Bushings

Gap Filling

Heat/Bake Class F HVB High-viscosity, single-component, elevated temperature cure sealant designed to seal the gap on high voltage bushings between the flange and the porcelain insulator. 3407

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HV Bushings & Insulators

Room Temp Class B HVB Pourable, glass-reinforced, used in bonding porcelain to metal flange around stand-off insulators. Exhibits excellent mechanical strength and thermal cycling characteristics. 6100 Room Temp Class F HVB Pourable, glass-reinforced, used in

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Leak Repairs

N/A Class H HVB Silicone fluid used to for high voltage bushing (HVB) repair. Used commonly with Astro 6935 ‘Magic Dust kit’ to repair and seal hydrogen leaks 3167 N/A Class H HVB “Magic Dust

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