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Miscellaneous Consumables


– N/A Stator, Rotor Solvents for thinning coatings and adhesives, as well as cleaning substrates and tooling. Multiple

Anerobic Adhesives

Room Temp N/A Stator, Rotor Single-component, fast curing adhesives, threadlockers, and retaining compounds. Multiple

RTV Silicones

Room Temp Class F Stator, Rotor Room temperature vulcanizing silicones for bonding, molding, sealing, and gasketing. Available in a variety of Shore A and Shore D hardnesses. Multiple

Gasket Adhesives

Room Temp Class F Stator, Rotor Two-component epoxy adhesives formulated to bond elastomers (neoprene, Viton) to metals. Multiple

Neoprene Hydrogen Seals

– Class F Stator, Rotor Electrical grade, molded to OEM specifications back to the 1950s. Chevrons, Collector Connection, Top Hat, Gland, Bore Seals, Washers (Tapered, Flat), Bushing Sets, & O-Rings. Multiple

Felt & Roving

– Class F Stator Dacron felt for blocking and stranded glass roving for tying and consolidation. Used with multiple Astro saturants and tying resin systems, felt and roving are available in various sizes. Multiple

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