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Semi-Conductive Anti-Corona Coatings

Semi-conductive coatings test.

Astro 6976, 6977 and 6978

Preventing Insulation Damage in Large Generators and Motors
Semi-conductive coatings test.
  • Class F (155oC) thermal index.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Room-temperature cure, two-year shelf life.
  • Stocked for quick shipment.
  • Semi-conductive and gradient coating systems that work together to dissipate static energy and prevent insulation damage caused by corona discharge.
Semi-Conductive Coatings for Static Dissipation

Astro 6976, 6977 and 6978 are epoxy-based coatings designed to normalize the electrical stresses that build up on high voltage insulation surfaces.  Formulated for use in large motors and turbine generators, these varnishes can be used individually or together as a system.  

Astro 6976 offers semi-conductive protection within the core section where insulation surfaces require a higher conductivity for adequate static dissipation.  Astro 6977 (medium conductivity) and Astro 6978 (low conductivity) are applied to insulation surfaces within the end-windings where a non-linear stress grading effect is required for proper anti-corona protection.

Working together these coatings provide for the equalization of voltage stress across the entire bar or coil surface, creating a durable, chemically resistant finish compatible with a wide variety of insulation substrates.  When applied above 60oF, these are room-temperature curing and do not require an additional cure (bake) cycle.  

Please inquire for more information about these or any products from our line of conductive, anti-corona coatings.

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