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Single-Part Anti-Corona Coating

Conductive Gradient Paint Corona Protection from Static Discharge

Astro 6819, 6820 and 6821

Partial Discharge Prevention for High-Voltage Equipment
Conductive Gradient Paint Corona Protection from Static Discharge
  • Single-part, room temperature cure systems for ease of operator use.
  • Minimize waste by using only what you need (as opposed to multi-part, catalyzed systems).
  • EHS-friendly: Non-CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Toxic for Reproduction), low volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • As a semi-conductive and gradient system to dissipate static energy. 
  • Preventing insulation damage due to partial discharge (PD) and corona. 
  • Astro 6819 used in the core slot area. 
  • Astro 6820 and 6821 used in the slot-exit and end-arm portion of stator bar/coil.

Astro 6819, 6820 and 6821 are a line of silicone-alkyd coatings offering non-metallic conductivity in a single-part format.  These products are formulated for use up to Class F (155oC) environments and are commonly utilized in high-voltage motors, generators, and electrical transmission and distribution.

For protecting high voltage stator insulation, Astro 6819 (semi-conductive) is applied in the core section where higher conductivity is required for static dissipation. Astro 6820 (medium conductivity) and 6821 (low conductivity) are silicone-carbide-based gradient paints used on insulation surfaces outside of the stator core, where a non-linear stress grading effect is required. These coatings protect insulation surfaces by dissipating built-up electrical stresses, preventing the occurrence of partial discharge and corona damage.

These products are single-part, room-temperature curing formulations designed to minimize waste by eliminating the need to catalyze a minimum quantity of product, as is common in multi-part systems. This makes our line of single-part gradient paints ideal for touch-up applications—applying only the necessary amount and resealing the container afterward preserving it for future use. Additionally, these paints are engineered to be operator-friendly and are non-carcinogenic, non-mutagenic, and non-toxic for reproduction. They also have very low levels of volatile organic compound (low-VOC).

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