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Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds

Thermally Conductive Potting Compounds

Astro 3475 & Astro 3480

Extending our Class F Offering for Generators and Motors
  • Class F, 100% Solids (no solvent)
  • Two Levels of Thermal Conductivity
      • 0.5 W/m·°K minimum (Astro 3475)
      • 0.8 W/m·°K minimum (Astro 3480)
  • Excellent Mechanical Strength
  • Excellent Thermal Cycling Performance
  • Capping and insulating of brazed stator series loop connections
  • Potting and mechanical encapsulation of high voltage components
  • Filling applications where non-metallic heat dissipation is required
Engineered for Non-Metallic Heat Dissipation

These products utilize a proprietary blend of thermally-conductive fillers to allow potting and encapsulation in temperature-sensitive areas where heat dissipation is required. High dielectric insulating properties protect and encapsulate while facilitating thermal transfer for a longer service life. Two conductivity ranges offer versatility to match the requirements of your application.

Fiberglass-Reinforced Mechanical Strength in Class F Environments

Both Astro 3475 and 3480 exhibit excellent mechanical and electrical insulation properties in Class F environments, and are formulated to withstand the mechanical stresses present during thermal cycling. Both are formulated to meet or exceed 155°C service temperature ratings.

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