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Defining Thermal Classification

There are a variety of industry standards used to define thermal classification of a given chemistry. Astro products are typically classified using the IEC 60085 standard, which is commonly used in both the power generation and electric motor industries. While seemingly straight forward, the process of establishing a product’s Relative Thermal Index (RTI value) for thermal classification is highly dependent on the proposed use application and the acceptable change in performance at elevated temperatures. When classifying to this standard, the Astro Lab typically uses the guidance of the IEC 60216 test method in conjunction with use application parameters in order to establish an RTI value.

To aid in the evaluation of our products, we provide an RTI value on the Technical Data Sheet as based on typical use applications for the product. Where possible, a second RTI value is provided based on alternate end-point assumptions for performance loss at elevated temperature.

The evaluation of thermal classification for performance coatings is often carried out using an alternative test method. Please refer to the product TDS or contact the Astro Chemical Lab for questions regarding these products, or to discuss in the context of your application needs.

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