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Why is the material crystallized and can it be used?

If an Astro product appears cloudy, hazy or contains small visible free-floating crystals it is likely that the material has crystallized. Crystallization is a natural occurrence within certain high-purity resins and is often induced by wide fluctuations in storage temperature.  To minimize crystallization potential, all products should be stored following the recommended storage guidance indicated on the product label.

If crystallization is observed or suspected, do not use the product.  In most cases, crystallization may easily be reversed by heating the product to a temperature between 50C and 60C until the crystals dissolve back into a liquid state.  This process may take up to 8 hours to complete.  Heating to higher temperatures is discouraged as this may lead to gelation, curing, and the evaporation of any solvents present.

If the product is not clear after heating for 8 hours this may be an indicator that the product has begun to cure.  In these cases, we recommend contacting the Astro Lab for additional guidance.

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