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Epoxy Conformal Coating & Encapsulant

Medium-Viscosity Epoxy System for Class H Environments

Astro 6049

Non-CMR, Room Temperature Curing Coating and Encapsulant
Medium-Viscosity Epoxy System for Class H Environments
  • High Thermal Index (186°C). 
  • Pourable, honey-like viscosity. 
  • Excellent physical strength, multi-surface adhesion, and dielectric capabilities. 
  • Non-CMR (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic, Toxic for Reproduction), No-VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). 
  • As a pourable system for manufacturing motor/generator field poles and potted connections. 
  • As a bonding and encapsulating resin where a higher viscosity is desired to prevent run-out. 
  • General-purpose, high temperature consolidating and bonding. 
Worker-Friendly Coating and Encapsulating Epoxy System 

Astro 6049 is a versatile, medium viscosity system designed for excellent thermal endurance, mechanical strength, and dielectric performance. Room temperature curing without the need for an additional bake, this product exhibits a high Thermal Index (186°C at a 5% weight loss, 197°C at a 10% weight loss, 20,000 hours) and is formulated for excellent adhesion to a multitude of substrates.  

Formulated as an offering to better align with application parameters, Astro 6049 is a thicker option to Astro 6269 at approximately 9,000 – 13,000 centipoise, roughly that of honey. This viscosity is particularly useful for applications requiring good diffusion and conformity to prevent run-out, seepage through small gaps, or flow off of incline planes. 

Astro 6049 is formulated from proven chemistries used for decades in the harsh environments present in large industrial motors and utility-scale generators.  This product is worker-friendly with a stable shelf life of 3 years at room temperature, and is free from carcinogens, mutagens and reproductive hazards (non-CMR) and contains no volatile organic compounds (no-VOC). 

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